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Welcome to Paleo-Dummies!

On this site, you can learn a variety of dinosaur names, and see the prehistoric world come to life!

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“The hardest step is always the first step”. This is a paleontology website devoted to simplifying information about prehistory for beginners, but can also be enjoyed by older people. This is a non-profit passion project. – Ethan Wang

Learn Dinosaur Names!

Click on “Explore” above to visit the lists. From the huge Tyrannosaurus to the tiny Ornithomimus, the never-ending list of dinosaurs is on this website! If dinosaurs aren’t your thing, then the Cambrian and Cenozoic (just to name a few) are important time-periods to know about.

Beyond the Website:

The official YouTube channel:

An art gallery is located further down the main page. This is all of my artwork that I have drawn in the past few years. Thank you for viewing!

A PSA made by LEGO and Jurassic World. Stay safe during these difficult times.

Art Gallery:

(Any images from here need to be cited if used)

The original logo for the site. 5 energetic dinosaurs disco-dance the night away.

Dinosaur Party!- By Ethan Wang


Terms of use:

All information is free to use. Nothing needs to be cited EXCEPT for any images in the art gallery, that need to be sourced to this website if used since it is my work. Everything outside of the website is in the hands of WordPress, the creator is not responsible for issues unrelated to the content. All information displayed on this website have cited sources, so if you are interested, feel free to click on the links that the creator have put. If there are any issues you find, use “Contact” and say what you think is the problem with the use of outside sources (Not able to use yet, work in progress).

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